The 7 Step Real Estate Marketing Plan

How well do you market your real estate business? In this industry, you’re not merely selling a product but essentially selling yourself. Your main goal is to convince your leads & potential clients that you’re the most qualified agent to sell or find them their home. The best way to do this is with the 7 step real estate marketing plan.

There are lots of resources to aid in boosting your marketing plan. However, you must customize your marketing strategy to ensure that it is right for your business. Ideally, you want to build your real estate marketing plan so you are not only producing successful deals but promoting referrals, and building your personal brand. It needs to be a well-balanced plan that caters to both potential clients and fosters relationships with existing clients. 

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The 7 Step Real Estate Marketing Plan

  1. Identify Your Value Proposition: At the end of the day; it’s not flashy signs or advertisements that convince people to work with you. It is about the relationships you build with them and what you put out to enable them to resonate with you. Beyond products and services, what is it that you bring to the table? Why should they trust you? Establish from the very beginning what you bring to the table and why you are the best choice. This will establish that you are not just after a sale.
  2. Utilize Word of Mouth Advertising by Getting Involved: One of your greatest resources to highlight your strengths are people whose lives you have already touched. Utilize the voice of those people and incorporate it in your strategy. Elevate your reputation by “doing” instead of just “saying”. Actively participate in your community, share knowledge you have amassed over the years and establish your reliability by your actions. This could translate into a number of things such as supporting charities or organizations within your community, actively participating in events etc.
  3. Establish Dependability: Be consistent with your actions. Send out that monthly newsletter without miss, post your weekly blog, even return phone calls within a specific time period, these things will help in building your reputation as someone reliable and trustworthy, in everything you do, ensure that you are consistent.
  4. Determine Your Goals: Set your goals and make sure that they are achievable. First, set a large scale goal, let’s say, for the year, then break them down and determine what you need to do daily, weekly and monthly in order to achieve that goal. Use the S.M.A.R.T. system, Ensure that each goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. (Read more about being S.M.A.R.T. here) Create a system in which you and the members of your team can be accountable for their roles.
  5. Foster Good Relationships: Whether it is with your next door neighbor or the Vice President of your bank, make sure you are building good relationships. Good relationships will lead to future referrals and strong brand reputation.
  6. Quality vs. Quantity: Make sure that everything you do has value in it. Being busy does not equate being productive. Make sure that your time is spent towards accomplishing those goals you have set for yourself.
  7. Make Sure Your Team is On Board: Running a successful marketing plan takes a lot of dedicated time and work. So make sure that every member of your team is on board and understands their specific roles. Motivate each member by highlighting their importance and make sure they understand how essential each of their roles are to success in accomplishing your goals.
A successful marketing plan is not easy to but it is definitely attainable. It will require dedication and consistency in every aspect. Flowery words and flashy advertising is a great way to catch interest but its what you do over the course of time that will really matter.

Once you figure out what works best for you and you ensure that you constantly work at improving and strengthening your strategy, you have the potential to be unstoppable.

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