When cash relief is not there, it's time to up your production with lower overhead costs. The answer is full-time Virtual Assistant services at up to 70% less in costs than a traditional employee.
An update on the stimulus relief plan The $350 billion fund is depleted for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). While the money has run out, many businesses flocked at the opportunity to get ahold of cash relief. The truth is, the majority of business owners who applied did not receive any relief.

Although many businesses prepared an application, these great business owners knew that chances were slim, and they were not relying on the stimulus package.

Instead, they turned to revolutionize their business structure, making agile tweaks to the practice that in turn lowered operational costs, increased productivity, and reinvigorated profitable & marketable value propositions, products, and services.

Meanwhile, the House, Senate, and White House finalized another stimulus package yest…

Low Overhead & High Profit Business During A Recession - Virtual Assistants are the Key

There are a MILLION ways that a Virtual Assistant can help DURING a recession. Tackle the Recession MyOutDesk virtual assistant services provide you with the flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings to adapt quickly to today’s changing business & market conditions. Here is a list of all that a virtual assistant can do to uplift your business during a recession.
Keep Calm & Thrive On Today Schedule your free Thrive strategy call today & access more free guides.
Keep calm and thrive on. Realize that a market downturn is an amazing opportunity for you to gain market share as competing businesses are reducing their staffing & capacity. Don’t freak out and cut your entire operational force ad hoc. Now is the time to double down on the projects and ideas that will drive future growth and scale.Did You Know? MyOutDesk’s origin story is set during the last global financial crisis of 2008. Yes, that’s right — our business started by scaling businesses with virtual assistants d…

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Whether your current business is large or small, it’s important that you understand two things before you begin to scale: where you are and where you are going. You’ll learn that and much more in Scaling Your Business With MOD Virtual Professionals — the go to guide for entrepreneurs who are looking to hire Virtual Assistants and rapidly scale their business.
There are about 28 million businesses in the United States. According to the US Small Business Administration, all but about 20,000 of those are small businesses — that is, they have fewer than 500 employees. If you want to stand out from the pack, if you want to grow beyond that 99% of businesses ever achieve, then you need an action plan to get there. This book is that plan.

Key Technology Trends for Commercial Real Estate in 2020

Technology has affected and changed our lives in so many ways since time immemorial. Over the past few decades technological adaptation has caused the commercial real estate Industry to be pushed into many new phases and has changed the game drastically. As so eloquently stated: “The focus is less and less on proving that technologies work in small-scale deployments. Instead, owners are interested in moving the needle at the portfolio level by scaling early successes with strategic rollouts.”
Keep up with trends and never let your business fall behind. Hire a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistant and never fall behind on anything ever again.
While this is sound in theory, application may be a little bit more challenging. Consistency throughout one’s portfolio is an ideal goal but nothing is “one-size-fits-all” and multiple strategies for multiple holdings can be daunting at the very least.
The solution is to find a balance where the solution is not generic, where they ar…

Why You Need Virtual Real Estate Transaction Coordinator!

“Outsourcing is the latest buzzword in real estate. Real estate businesses have latched on to the outsourcing trend, seeing the benefits it has afforded organisations worldwide and how it allows them to be competitive in today’s economic landscape.” -Rockend, 5 reasons why real estate agencies outsource

Virtual assistants provide a vast array of services to businesses and solopreneurs. These professionals deliver a wide range of skills, training & education to serve their clients. Real estate is the latest of many industries embracing virtual assistant services — a rapid scalability & cost-savings is a great combination for today’s agile & nimble real estate organization.
Most real estate agents & brokers are already familiar with the role of virtual assistants in prospecting & administrative work — but there’s another pivotal role that virtual assistants can assist with, which is serving as a virtual real estate transaction coordinator. Growing Your Business With …

Real Estate In 2020 - Are You Prepared?

Real Estate is slowing down — which means you need to streamline your business, reduce your costs, and double-down on your marketing efforts.
In the Forbes 2020 Real Estate Outlook, analyts Aly J. Yale writes, “Odeta Kushi, deputy chief economist at title insurance and settlement services provider First American, there’s “emerging consensus” that rates will remain low next year — likely somewhere between 3.7% and 3.9%, she says. Forecasts from Freddie Mac and the Mortgage Bankers Association back this up.”
Good news for real estate? Not so fast! Prices will keep rising, and inventory will be tight. Daryl Fairweather, chief economist for real estate brokerage Redfin, explains, “Right now we aren’t seeing a ton of new listings. Without more listings coming on the market, there will be more competition starting off in early 2020 and that will lead to more price pressure.”
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Hard Times Ahead For Real Estate In 2020

The new year is going to be difficult for real estate — are you prepared? “The 2020 market supply could hit historic lows. Home sales will drop, the housing shortage could become the worst in U.S. history, and home values will shrink in some cities,” says CBNC Correspondent Diana Olick, citing projections from the 2020 National Housing Forecast from
THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW: Streamline your business, improve your processes & reduce overhead to prepare for the competitive 2020 market.
According to UBS Global, “Index scores have not risen in any of the US cities in our study for the first time since 2011. Regulatory changes and affordability issues have caused home prices in New York to lag the countrywide average. Similarly, affordability issues, trade tensions and diminishing foreign demand have capped price growth in San Francisco and Los Angeles for now. Boston is still in fair value territory and benefits from the appeal of the region for businesses and high inc…

8 Flawless Strategies to Beat Low Housing Inventory!

During 2019, low housing inventory was difficult — according to the forecast that’s going to get even worse in 2020. Fluctuating mortgage rates have forced many to stay put in their homes and forgo upgrades and downgrades. While we have seen a bit of improvement as of late, trends say that if current market conditions persist, we may see another dip in inventory.
Do you want to ride the ups and downs of the Real Estate market unscathed? You need to be able to focus on your business and have the best support in place to do that.
Here are eight foolproof tactics you can apply that will not only help you find more homes in markets affected by low inventory but will help you generate more listings as well. Know the Price Points of ALL new construction in your area.- Majority of new construction housing will never even land on your MLS. If you are in a low housing inventory market, this makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Find out all the information you can about new construction neighbo…

Why Customer Service Outsourcing Works With A Virtual Assistant

In the service industry, there’s one resource you can’t get enough of — time. Between client meetings and conventions, it’s tough to make time for all of the small tasks that make your business go-round. Whether you aim to spend more time on marketing, customer support, or administrative tasks, it’s nearly impossible to juggle them all on your own.
Not only will you likely hit a plateau in your business, but you’ll risk the possibility of burnout. If you are ready to experience hyper-growth, outsourcing your customer service to a virtual assistant can take your company to the next level — and beyond. Why Outsource Customer Service To A Virtual Assistant? If you barely have time to eat during your busy workday, let alone spend time with your loved ones, you need to ask yourself — is there a way that I can work smarter, not harder? Is there a way to invest in the most important resource I have? Yes! You need virtual assistant services to do that. If you are looking to free up more time…

10 Reasons MyOutDesk Is The Best Virtual Assistant Company

MyOutDesk is the best virtual assistant company to provide your business with the flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings to adapt quickly to changing business & market conditions without the cost or commitment involved with hiring full-time employees. 
With our virtual assistants, you’re able to rapidly scale your business by onboarding trained, qualified labor — and reorganize or downsize quickly as the labor & specialization needs of your business change.
In addition to business flexibility, virtual assistant services can save you over 60% of the cost of a full-time employee, along with the time-savings you gain by having a virtual assistant services provider do the sourcing, background checks, and human-resources tasks on your behalf.
As a virtual assistant services provider, MyOutDesk serves as a bridge between you and your virtual assistant — providing quality control during the hiring process, human resources support after the virtual assistant is hired, and value-a…

Virtual Assistants for Medical & Health Care Franchises

MyOutDesk currently serves the medical field and in-home care franchises across the country. Why? Because we believe people deserve expert, compassionate, and personal care.
Our Healthcare Virtual Assistants help Health Care Companies with administrative & marketing support, customer service, and phone answering services. Administrative Work Our Virtual Assistants take on many Administrative responsibilities for our Home Care and Medical Staffing Franchise clients. Clerical responsibilities that are essential to running the business smoothly but take a lot of time. These are areas of the business that need to be in order and consistently updated. Here are just some of the tasks they perform: Billing & Payroll.Audit patient charts.Employee Credentialing.Set-up new client records.Applicant resume screening.Manage cloud-based documents.Create and update metrics spreadsheets.Process discharge patients after normal hours.Reference checks- Perform background checks and document them.…

Be More Productive With An Administrative Virtual Assistant

As an agent, you get paid to sell homes — not do paperwork. Lose your focus & you’ve lost your commissions — which is why thousands of agents & brokers trust MyOutDesk virtual assistants for office administration & transaction coordination tasks.
Our administrative virtual assistants are the best in the industry — well-educated proficient English speakers with real estate experience, available for 60% less than hiring a traditional employee. They save you time & money, increase your productivity, and help you focus on making money — and for an incredibly low price that you simply can’t match with in-house staff.
If you’re spending too much time on paperwork and not enough time selling, then it’s time to get a virtual assistant to handle all of the repetitive, non-dollar productive tasks that waste time & ruin your motivation. Here’s What An Administrative Virtual Assistant Can Do For You Administrative busy work can bog you down. We know how important these tasks …

Offshoring vs. Outsourcing: Which One Saves You More?

Offshoring & outsourcing have been a business practice in corporate America for decades — and these days, even smaller businesses are seeing the value. But what are outsourcing or offshoring — and what’s the difference between them? Let’s examine both of these terms & define the differences to help you understand what’s best for your business.
Delegate the daily repetitive, yet essential responsibilities that need to be handled, to a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistants. Gain leverage and more time to work ON your business instead of IN it. Outsourcing Outsourcing entails delegating internal operations to a third party. This could mean obtaining a supplier, buying back goods or services, or shifting an entire department or division of your business to a third-party. The underlying philosophy being: To move transactional activities to the experts in order to give an organization the capacity to focus on its expertise.
By spinning off non-essential operations, the company can…