What is A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistants (VAs) provide office & executive administration services working virtually from a remote location. This means they work from a remote location, using technological tools to perform their job duties and to stay in touch with clients, supervisors and other team members. Technological advancements and the changing mindset these developments have encouraged have had a significant impact on the use and popularity of VA services.

While administrative support defined early VA services, the breadth, and variety of service offerings available now through VAs are vast and growing. Your company can hire a Virtual Assistant to do anything from answering customer calls and handling scheduling and appointments to performing social media marketing duties and managing PR for your company.

Many VAs have particular schooling, training and skill sets that add to their value. This qualifies them to help with technical, complex projects and focus on tangible deliverables - like your blended org chart, business outcome statements, real estate lead generation, and business performance metrics. In the VA world, the services these professionals offer is virtually unlimited.

The Growth of Virtual Assistant Services
Global Workplace Analytics recently revealed that more than 4 million workers perform their jobs from home. This trend has increased 140 percent in less than 15 years. From 2015 to 2016, the number of telecommuting, self-employed workers grew slightly more than 7 percent, at 7.3%. This worker demographic includes VAs. It's a booming trend and one that forward-thinking companies are recognizing as a boon for their organizations.

The Value a VA Offers Businesses
Relying on Vas can help your company financially while boosting productivity. There are several advantages to contracting with a VA services provider over hiring a traditional assistant. Some well-known benefits include:

  • Lowered employment costs
You aren't required to pay employment taxes for a non-employee VA, nor are you responsible for workers' compensation insurance, unemployment, sick leave or vacation time. Plus, recruiting, onboarding and training are minimal - if even necessary at all.

  • Flexibility
A Virtual Assistant can work during whatever schedule you set. For example, if you need a Real Estate ISA to cover your phones on weekends or during off-hours (in the evening or early morning), you can set their schedule as such.

  • Minimal overhead / reduced equipment expenses
You don't need to provide office space, desks, computers or mobile devices for your VAs. They work from their own remote offices and supply most of their own equipment. You retain the option of providing them with specific software you may require for the performance of their job duties.
  • Bigger talent pool
By tapping into a wider geographic area and giving workers more flexibility and work arrangement options, you increase your access to varied talent.

  • Enhanced productivity
Most business professionals can benefit from the services of a VA, no matter the size of their organization. A solopreneur juggles a lot of balls and is typically overextended. A VA can pick up the slack, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on essential duties. Small companies who retain the services of a VA can benefit in many of the ways that entrepreneurs do, and they can also lower their employment costs and business expenses while increasing productivity. Mid-size to larger organizations will reap all these benefits and more with the strategic use of skilled, experienced VAs who can tackle value-added job duties.
Improved customer services, responsiveness, better business practices, and enhanced growth are some other potential benefits of using the services of one or more VAs. For example, a skilled marketing VA can operate as a valuable and integral resource in making your growth stack successful.
Whether you're ready to take advantage of our VA services or have questions on what a VA is, what they do and how they can help your business, MOD can help. Sign up for a Double Your Business Growth strategy session to learn more.

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