Outsourcing a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing has become a practice that many companies and businesses have adopted over the past few years. Many large, fortune 500 companies have taken to IT Outsourcing, HR Outsourcing and other job roles such as customer support, sales and much more. As options such as hiring home-based professionals, such as Virtual Assistants, have become available, many small to mid-scale businesses have followed suit.

Real Estate Virtual Assistants have become increasingly popular and in demand. Being an industry whose processes entail a lot of paperwork and other non-revenue productive tasks that can hamper any business owner, many have realized that outsourcing is an efficient and affordable way to delegate this work to gain leverage and time to focus on revenue producing activities that only they can do.

A MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistant is trained in the basics of real estate and also on general systems and tasks. Since every Real Estate business is different, just like any in-house employee, your Virtual Assistant will need additional training to adapt to your specific business set-up. It is essential to keep on mind though, that pretty much anything an in-house employee can do, a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can do as well.

Numerous studies over the past few years show that home-based employees tend to be more productive because they spend less time shuffling around the office doing things that are unrelated to work. Furthermore, hiring a Virtual assistant saves you a lot of money on overhead costs such as office space, equipment, benefits, etc.
It all begins with how you spend your day. Ask yourself, how long it takes to do specific tasks that are necessary but are not necessarily things that you have to do personally. From there add up how long it takes in a day, then a week, then tally it up to a year. That number you come up with is the time you could spend making more contacts, building relationships, having conversations, expanding your network and growing your business!

At MyOutDesk we have our Virtual assistants provide value for you ion three significant areas of your business.

When it comes to Transaction Coordination, Listing Management and everything you may need from contract to close can be delegated to an Administrative Virtual Assistant. Your paperwork and all transactions, emails and other essential yet repetitive tasks can be time-consuming. If you entrust them to a talented Virtual assistant, you free yourself up for the things that you and only you can do to grow your business.

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These days, marketing has evolved into more than the traditional flyers, door hangers and newspaper or bus bench advertisements. The internet has brought about a great way to establish your brand and spread the word to much further reaching capacities than ever before. From Social Media, email campaigns, websites, and blogs, these channels have become more and more influential and crucial without any signs of slowing down. Having a finger on all these pulses and ensuring that each platform is being utilized takes a lot of time and attention. You can hire a Real Estate Marketing Virtual Assistant to make sure that your social media presence and online marketing are always on the up and up. They can also keep tabs on your traditional marketing strategies. Having a mix of both and a talented Virtual Assistant can be a game changer for your marketing and give you that edge for top notch lead generation.

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Real Estate ISA:
Prospecting, lead management (follow-up, nurture), lead calling, this is the lifeblood of many Real Estate businesses. You want to make sure that your database is always warm and active and that your pipeline is always flowing. The most successful business have dedicated hours and people when it comes to taking care of their lead database. A Real Estate ISA can ensure this for you. They can make calls, send emails, do research, nurture and do everything else you need when it comes to taking care of your leads.

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Even in this day and age, outsourcing may seem a bit daunting, or you may even think that it is not an option for you. Consider everything from costs to capabilities and break out of your belief system that you can only hire in-house. Explore the possibilities with us today and schedule a Double Your Business Strategy Session.

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