Essential Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do to Help Grow your Business

You may have heard about how hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can be most beneficial to your business. We recently compared the costs between hiring an in-house employee and a Virtual Assistant. However, beyond the numbers, it is also important to be informed about the actual tasks they can accomplish. Here is a list of the fundamental tasks a Virtual Assistant can accomplish for you:

  1. Social Media Management-
    We all know how important Social Media presence is in this day and age.  Social Media has become one of the foremost mediums in advertising, engaging and spreading awareness about your brand and your business. This can however, take a huge chunk of your time. When it comes to managing your Social Media platforms, a Virtual Assistant can ensure the frequency of your posting and engagement, manage the quality of your material and ensure that there are no missed opportunities.
  1. Email Marketing-
    Email Marketing is another time consuming task that a Virtual Assistant can handle for you. As we have intently discussed in the past, email campaigns can be a great source for finding new leads, reconnecting with past clients and spreading information about your business and services. Having someone to create the content you send out, keep tabs on responses and follow-ups etc., will ensure that you are able to capture prospects that you may otherwise miss.
  1. Sales Funnels-
    A sales funnel essentially is the “buying journey” that your leads go through, once brand awareness has been established, and setting up and keeping track of an effective sales funnel can be a grueling process. A Virtual Assistant who is who is trained and equipped with the necessary skills to manage and implement sales funnels is crucial to guarantee a successful purchasing journey for your leads.
  1. Content Writing/Marketing-
    Content Marketing is particularly critical in real estate as it is an effective way to enhance your brand credibility by providing relevant information to your leads and potential customers. By educating your readers, you are positioning your business as an expert in real estate, and this will translate to increase in number of leads, and a more loyal client base.
  1. Appointment Setting-
    A lot of real estate agents look into hiring Virtual Assistant’s for the sole purpose of appointment setting, and with good reason. Scheduling an appointment with a potential client requires more time than it seems. Having to confirm appointments via phone calls, and emailing busy homeowners back and forth to set the most convenient time for a meeting can greatly affect your productivity. You would rather have a VA accomplish this task so you can focus on closing deals, and growing your income.
It is essential for any business to leverage its resources, especially where time is money, hiring a Virtual Assistant may be exactly what your business needs. If you would like to have a discussion and find out what a MyOutDesk Virtual assistant can do for you, call us today for your no-obligation consultation and let us share with you how you can work less and earn more.

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